Why Choose Trilogy Pool?

We hope you choose to invest in a Trilogy Pool!

Trilogy custom crafts every pool ordered. What does this mean for you? It means that you get to select the model(s) you like, in the color that suits your style. It means that we are ready to fill your order based on what meets your design criteria, rather than "steering" you to what we have in inventory. "Any color you want as long as it's white" and "white makes the bluest water" and other statements designed to "help" you select standing inventory are not part of our business model. Many manufactured swimming pool shells are produced in limited sizes, shapes and colors. They then sit in inventory, sometimes for YEARS. The pools are made to be convenient for the manufacturer . . .not engineered to be beautiful for you.

Which would you rather invest in?

Built for You

Trilogy Builds YOUR swimming pool for YOU.

Quality Control Checked

Quality Control Checked for YOU.

Your Pool Delivered to You

Your pool, Made for YOU, Delivered to YOU!

Or... There's the Alternative...

The Alternative

Mass produced doesn't necessarily mean lower quality, but it doesn't guarantee that you get the pool shell you want, in the color that you like best.

The Alternative

Most fiberglass pools are stored outside prior to delivery, but care should be taken with handling every step of the way to your home. Trilogy cares. Some manufacturers (like this one)….. care less!

The Alternative

Sometimes it doesn't take a trained eye to know that a pool shell doesn't meet industry standards….

The Alternative

Long-term storage and bird droppings are not part of Trilogy's quality assurance plan.

Trilogy: Three themes in one backyard – Yours!

Whether it is the newest Innovation, a unique expression of your personal Style, or the Freedom to create a Water Feature You Can Swim In®, a Trilogy Pool is the right choice for you. Trilogy is more than color or shape – it's flow and emotion and endless design possibilities.

While you think about that perfect backyard, remember that Team Trilogy wants to help you make your backyard dream a reality. We're not here to just sell another shell; we're here to help you create a pool that is as beautiful to look at as it is to use. Spend some time exploring our website to find the perfect combination of swimming pool, surface color, deck, tile, water feature, and water color.

At Trilogy, our most important innovations have come from asking "How can we do it better?" We continue to ask the questions: "Why can't you have a variety of color choices?", "Why can't you have a customized fiberglass pool?", "Why can't you have a swim-safe environment?", "Why can't your swimming pool be virtually maintenance free?".

As a result of asking these questions, something amazing happened! With the help of our Trilogy Builder Network, we found answers to these and other questions that allowed us to truly change the way people see fiberglass pools.

From our innovative design concepts and custom features, to our award-winning quality control process and extensive warranty, Trilogy Pools offers you beauty, quality, and complete peace of mind that you've made the right choice by selecting our company and products.

To learn more about how a Trilogy Pool is manufactured, or more about the quality and care that goes into every Trilogy Fiberglass Pool, please visit the Manufacturing Page. And. . .if we've missed something, please Contact Us & let us know!

Come on in. . .the water is beautiful!