The Trilogy Pools® Story

The Trilogy story is all about Innovation, Style, and Freedom.

"The innovation point is the pivotal moment when talented and motivated people seek the opportunity to act on their ideas and dreams." – W. Arthur Porter

At Trilogy our most important innovations have come from asking, "Why was it done that way?" and, "Tell us how can we do it better for you?"

When we challenged the status quo and started asking questions like, "Why can't you, the consumer, have lots of color choices?" "Why can't you and your family have a swim-safe pool?" "Why can't you have an energy efficient swimming pool?" "Why wouldn't you be able to have a customized fiberglass pool?" etc. ... Something amazing started to happen!

We asked these questions and we listened to your wants, your needs, your questions, your complaints . . . With the help of our Builder Network, and YOU the consumer, we started to find answers and solve problems, allowing us to really change the way the world sees fiberglass pools.

From our innovative design concepts and custom features to our award-winning quality control process, we are constantly searching in all areas of our business to see where the next path needs to be forged. Your input is more than valuable to Team Trilogy, it's vital to our success. We thank you for helping us innovate all along the way!

Some of the highlights from Trilogy's History of Innovation, Style, and Freedom:

Trilogy Pool's Innovative Industry Firsts:

  • 1999

    Trilogy Pools is the First Fiberglass Swimming Pool Manufacturer to offer Solid Surface Pool Coatings in a Variety of Colors.
  • 2004

    Trilogy submits a patent for a new method in fiberglass pool mold construction. Affectionately known as "Stonehenge," the mold manufacturing process could potentially offer great cost reduction to the consumer in the future.
  • 2005

    Trilogy introduces Assembly Line Manufacturing—another industry sector first. By having distinct areas for each step of manufacturing, quality control is maximized = consumer peace of mind!

    Trilogy begins design planning and production of the Fusion Line.

    Trilogy Pools works with a white goods manufacturer and co-designs custom colored fittings for all of its fiberglass pools. Up to that point (and even true for some manufacturers today) white return fittings and white skimmers are used. White skimmers on a black pool – we say NOT!

  • 2007

    Trilogy defies the transportation barrier with the mainstream introduction of Fusion: Vertical Tile Lines, Custom Water Features, Multiple Bodies of Water, Wall Construction Forms, and a new method of Manufacturing. All of this Revolutionary to the Fiberglass Pool Industry and for the Purchaser, this was the first time that a Fiberglass Pool expanded beyond DOT (Department of Transportation) limitation of 16 feet of width.
  • 2008

    Trilogy produces "Water Feature Returns" – A great way to have a fountain in your yard. . .with all the benefits of having it filtered by the swimming pool! 2009 - Trilogy produces award-winning literature with the consumer in mind. The unique 12″x12″ design planner is an industry first! (and we have lots more good stuff coming your way!!)
  • 2010

    Trilogy introduces new deep well, free form Genesis. The 8 1/2 foot deep Genesis rapidly becomes a Trilogy best seller!
  • 2013

    Trilogy introduces a new proprietary formulation of HydroStone, extending the durability of the already best-in-class product line. Developed after years of testing, Trilogy's new formulation of HydroStone delivers unsurpassed performance, and provides better fade and blister resistance, as well as protection from chemicals. Thanks to Trilogy's research and development, customers can count on years of trouble-free enjoyment from this breakthrough surface finish.

Sample of Trademarks Granted:
  • Trilogy Pools®
  • Solid Surface Pools®
  • Solid Surface Spas®
  • Trilogy Composites®
  • Fusion®
Sample of Service Marks Granted:
  • Water Features You Can Swim In®
  • Less Upkeep Than The Grass You'll Replace®
Sample of Our Very Cool Patents:
  • Rapid mold development for swimming pools, spas, and ponds.

The Trilogy Pools Beliefs:

  • We believe in the freedom to pursue a new way of doing business.
  • We believe that everyone should have the freedom to ask questions and challenge preconceived notions.
  • We believe that ultimate freedom is achieved by conducting business in an ethical and moral way.
  • We believe that freedom means doing the right thing.
  • Freedom stands for exploration.
  • Freedom is giving the Pool Professional, the Consumer, and anyone who asks. . .a listening ear and uncompromising support.

By creating an atmosphere of Freedom, Trilogy Pools energizes its team to build a product of beauty, of quality, and of integrity.

Style by its own description talks of something unique by design.

This is what Trilogy strives to be. . .Unique by design. By the way our company is structured, to the "look and feel" of our products, to the uncompromising grace in which our dealers create truly beautiful and unique water features that you can swim in.

This is why at Trilogy style is more than color or shape, it is about flow and emotion, it is about endless design possibilities.

Freedom is the foundation of our company. Freedom to think. Freedom to perform. Freedom to excel. Together, as a team, we forge down this new and bold path.

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